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Related post: Date: Thu, 24 preteen archive Jun 2004 09:00:47 EDT From: Subject: Reenacting Rome with Dad 2The same restrictions as in chapter one as to age and use.The encampment was lite by torches on long poles just as it would have been in a legionaries camp and it was romantic walking by the light of the flames. A trumpet was sounded at around 11 PM to signal the time to sleep. Dad and I were standing outside our tent saying good night to Harry and Mark. I looked at dad in his Roman uniform with its red cape and skirt preteen pussy jpg and he was so man;y so very handsome his bare hairy legs so strong. We got down and crawled into our tent and onto the blankets spread out. We took off our breast plates and the upper tunic shirts then our boots and then the skirts. Now naked dad and I in that small tent I pulled him to me and Dad's arm were around my upper are body. His powerful chest pressed against mine and his hard thick cock touching mine.Dad whispered in my ear "Kevin, You were wonderful tonight I can't believe how we just both fuck the preteen kind of got into it? I think if you are OK with it I preteen changes pictures would like us two to continue this sort of thing back home?"I ukranian preteen nudist said "Oh Dad I am so glad to hear that and wow do I"I pulled my preteen movies thumbs dad to me this handsome stud and I was so happy to be open with him preteens angels pic like this at last and us 100 cute preteen two naked in galerie preteens this small tent. flat chested preteens In a little free preteen twats while dad had me on my side as he was fucking his fat cock into me and cuming in my cum soaked cock. I feel asleep still with his cock inside me that night. The Sun was hardly braking the darkness when the trumpets were going off. We all scooted out of our tents gear in hand naked with morning wood showing. We all along the line of tents were dressing quickly in full uniforms Legs spread spears in hand we all stood at attention as preteens site web the General rode by on horse top legal preteen thumbnails for the morning inspection. My assigned chores were to help with the food preparations preteens fix A la Rome. I walked with Mark also in the food prep section to the mess area. To our delight the "Kid" was also working along with us. As we prepared the preteen gay fuck foto nude preteen morning meal we came to know the kid was named Keith and his dad big Keith from near us in New Jersey. As we prepared the eggs and helped with the bread and setting up. we three guy's were laughing and remembering last night and our exploits. We confided in each other rusian preteen cuties that we had all been fucked by our own dad's that night and all for the first time too. Breakfast was served and after the clean up we were all to report to the open field for field practices the whole encampment was in on this and we got to check all the hot men out in the Roman uniforms and they wee hot as hell. As the three of us had prepared breakfast and lunch another group prepared the dinner and we had the day free. We followed a group of men who maxwells models preteen were we learned from the "cohort" next to ours, they were heading to the creek for a wash and some fun asian pron preteen in the water. the creek was our only means of washing no soap no towels and forget shampoo. At the creek the cohort of 20 men were stripping off the uniforms and putting them on the ground. Their centurion Tim still in his uniform walked up to us and God was he a nude preteen russian dream boast in that uniform. 6 foot tall 185 pounds of pure muscle just black hair powerful arms and preteen lia nude legs. He welcomed us three to join his men in washing with them and He began to strip off his uniform along with us. His bare chest looked like it could have been the model for the metal preteen real doll breast plates it was so perfect and then off with his boots and then the skirt to show us three his semi hard cock. preteen and vid Tim winked at us when he saw us looking 100 preteen paysites at his cock and he proudly held it out for our inspection and delight.I said looking at the monster "Sir, I would be honored to wash that for you if you would like Sir?"Tim smiled and nodded saying. "I would like all three of hardcore preteens links you to wash every part of my body, I have a meeting with the General today and want to insure I am passwords preteen models clean as bikini preteen models can be"We got into the water with Tim and I was gladly washing his cock which was growing in my hand and Keith was washing his massive balls while Mark was happy doing the rear of this Roman Adonis. I had it in my mouth soon and was with eyes closed sucking his wide cock head. I had to move some because Mark was eating out the Man's hole while Keith was sucking the man's tits. Soon a group was around us in the water preteen young incest and there was sucking and fucking going sweet hot preteens on all over the place. Tim was I found out a good 10.6 inches of preteen porn childporn cut meat and 7 inches around. Two young men around 19 came up and said to private preteen girls Tim"Dad looks like you are going to have to reward these three men in a proper way and Ted and preteen nudists pic I would love to help you in rewarding them."The other said "Yea fuck yea they deserve the best and we have the best in the whole camp right here" He was holding out a massive cut cock in his hand.It turns out the two were Tim's son's young Tim and his brother Ted who were twins and hung as good as daddy. They wanted to fuck us. The group moved to one of the few cabins on the preteen girl foto section of grounds we had, the cabin was reserved for out side guest of the General's which at the time there was none. Once in the cabin preteen panty movies we stayed dressed as we had all dressed when we left the water and had a underage preteen forbidden beer at first making small talk. Turns out they lived alone and near us all. I saw that young Tim was tenting out his front skirt with his massive hard on. I'd seen it in his hand in the water and wanted more I smiled at him seated bikini pic preteen on the chair and he kind of winked and nodded for me to come over. I walked the few steps to him and knelt before him and lifted up the front of his red skirt. His hard cock was there just like daddy's a big one a good 10.5. I was moving my preteens elwebbs mouth on that meat in a rush to please him and preteen thumb bbs taste all of him in my mouth. Breast plates were dropping all over the floor as the others were getting into preteen angels hots sucking too. the Roman uniform is preteens swimming videos made perfect for gay sex with no underwear to pull down and the skirt to just lift up to get into it. Soon I was on the bed and young Tim was fucking no pounding my hole with that 10 inches his balls pounding my hole his chest slapping against my back as he trust preteen russian illegal his meat into me. our feet held together as he pushed more model magazine preteens and more of his meat into my hole and I was crying at the joy of being fucked by my Roman preteen vagina nudes Hero. Big Tim was being fucked, to my surprise by Keith preteen nymphet porno and underware for preteens Keith's 10 inch cock was really pounding into the man as Big Tim's moans at each preteen shaven porn thrust of Keith's pole into him testified. Ted was just pulling out of Mark's hole having deposited a load of his teen cum into him. Young Tim had just came in me and I stood up. That is when Ted laid down on a free bed and I went over pulled up his skirt and mounted him and preteen ls lsland was fucking him with my cock and he was loving my cock fucking him spreading him and filling him now with my cum. The assembly trumpet sounded which meant each man had pic preteen thumb to report to his own "Cohort" and his centurion for instructions before dinner. We broke up and made promised not only to do it again soon that week but to also get together back home with all our dad's in with us. As I said My Dad was the centurion of my "Cohort as he was for Keith and Mark. After the information was given out we all broke up and were walking to the mess hall and the three of us were telling our dad's about the meeting with Tim and his son's and us getting together at home as well as here. My dad now for the week flavious had meet big Tim and liked him and seemed excited butt modeling preteen to have something going on back home too. After dinner I was alone for a while to do some thinking and just walk in the woods. I stopped to take a piss against a tree and as my eyes adjusted I saw a man sitting not far off under another tree. He had his two elbows on his knees and his skirt was spread so I got a good look at his package not bad I remember thinking. He was the first to speak as I let me skirt fall down after my piss. Just hello and I walked over preteen blowjobs free and asked if he had a problem? He looked kind of down He was Jimmy and around 22 years old from philly too and here with his dad and his brother. they had never messed around sexually at home and being here and seeing all vlad preteens the sex going on all over the place between guy's he was wanting to get into it but was afraid to make a move on His Dad or even his brother preteen link top as much as he wanted to. I nude preteen list sat down facing him and knew my skirt was pulled up so he could see my cock too.I said "Has the subject come up at all between you three? I mean could you tell from something they may have said if they would be into it you know you three having sex?"Jimmy thought a while and smiled then and said "You know really thinking now there was last night we were down by the creek and there were like five couples all fucking each other and My dad said " Hey it was like this in Rome and if it didn't feel good these guys would not be doing it" That got me to thinking maybe he would be open to it?"I said Jimmy you should have just reached up under his skirt and felt his cock or in the rear and feel his ass see what he would say?"Jimmy said "Yea but Kevin what if he got all pissed off and slapped my hand away?"I said "well at that point you just elite preteen y say You kind of got caught up in the moment that's all? Now how about your brother? You think he might want to try it?"Jimmy said "well once or twice when we preteens softcore nude were forum preteen girl kids we did get into jerking off each other. His name is underage nudist preteen Mike and he sure liked doing that but that was years ago?"I said "Jimmy You must be one horny fucker seeing all this going on and not getting any man, fuck you must have a real case of blue balls"We both laughed preteen blowjob movies and I looked down in such a preteens preteenlist way that I made sure Jimmy saw me preteen porn dvd looking at his exposed cock and panty preteen gallery it was at full mast all 8 inches of it was straining up.I said "Jimmy Your one hot dude and I would love to help you with that meat of yours that preteen nymphet underground is if you want to?"Jimmy looked cartoon preteen sex down at my preteen not nude cock exposed too under my skirt and gave his answer by reaching over and taking my hard cock into his hand. I was now pulling on his cock and he spread his legs even more so I had full preteen naked artistic view of it as I pulled on his fat meat. and felt his big balls. soon we were taking off our two capes and laying them there on the ground kds preteen models and now on top of them we were 69ing each other and I loved the smell of his cock his was not washed in two days since camp began and was ripe as hell preteens barefoot dancing and sweaty as all total manly I sucked it into my mouth and Jimmy preteen comic naturist was sucking mine. Soon he was releasing his pent up three days of cum preteen fuzz into my mouth and I was doing my best to take it all but man was it a lot and was it tasting great. I was then returning the favor and shooting my cum into Jimmy and he was pulling on my balls to get every drop, this Jimmy was perfect for a lover so much to give so handsome I made a note to myself to get him to fuck me soon and me preteen lolotas toplist preteen swimsuits girls fuck him. I preteen candid panty walked him back to his tent as it turned out his "Cohort teenie nude preteen was close to ours. At his tent stood his brother Mike in full ebony preteen cp uniform spear helmet the works standing for all tiny preteen video the world as a perfect picture of a Roman Adonis. Mike was 24 then and long blonde hair and the handsomest man you would want preteen porn pictures to see. It was just the three of us there at that time and I do not know what the fuck came over me but I said"Mike can the three of us talk alone inside your tent?"Mike looked surprised but said opening the flap "sure No problem step in" Jimmy Mike and myself were seated in the boy preteen photos tent Indian style legs nearly touching in the small tent. I took a chance and I reached over and just pulled up Mike skirt, nude preteens bbs Then took his soft but thick cock in futaba imageboard preteen my hand hot preteen modeling and to my joy there was no protest from Mike except to in a low voice say younger sex preteen " What the fuck are you doing man?" Jimmy put his hand on his brother 's shoulder and said "Mike just relax man enjoy it this here Kevin gives great head" I got down and took Mike's growing cock in my mouth and was sucking and loving it growing in my mouth. It was soon at full pretty sexy preteens 9 inches and it's head was one of them with a wide ass cum hole it was giving gallerie preteen model me the sweetest pre cum ever. Mike was pushing it into my mouth and fucking it into my face. I pulled off and looked up into Mike's handsome face and I said "Mike Your brother wants to do this to you but you have to do it to him too, it has to be preteens litle pedo mutual with the two of you" I was holding his cock and Mike looked from me to his brother then to his cock and I was not sure what way he was going to go, Then he smiled and my heart jumped he said looking at preteen thailand girls Jimmy "yea Bro. let's do a 69 here and now man I've been wanting lusting preteens to get it on with you bro. underage preteen photos come sluts preteenage on let's do it." I silently left the two alone as they were there on the tent floor sucking each other's meats for the first but by no means the last time. I felt so good as I walked back to my own "cohort" area photo nake preteen in full Roman uniform. Pictures of my Dad's cock coming to my mind as I walked and how great his cock felt in my hole and how wonderful my cock felt fucking him. Thoughts of Keith, Mark Mark's dad and top dolls preteen Tim and his boys and Jimmy and Mike I preteen models gimnastics was feeling preteen sex blowjobs just sex binaries preteen great. Dad, Mark and his dad with Keith and his dad were all sitting at a small fire outside our tent talking and drinking beers I joined them taking off my breast plates and red cape. I held up my first beer to them and said "I salute the Roman's and Roman men and I think you Roman's are the greatest lovers ever." Dad pulled me to him and gave preteen age sex me a big kiss. A few minutes later up walked Tim and his tow boys and asked if they could join underage preteen girl us for a few beers. index model preteen I leaned back and smiled russain preteen modles at Ted and young Tim and said "You know guy's I am not sure if I like the smell of preteen girl panty the woods the fire the beer or all these cocks here the most" They all laughed.More to cum soon. write to the Author and let me know what you think I will send a picture free sweet preteen of a mature Kevin nowadays but you must give your age for legal reason shaved little preteens no age in numbers no picture write Kevin Kelly in NJ
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